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A minor adventure to Africa Hello, here is my first entry into my log of my adventure to Africa. I am moving to another country to get a short break from the norm. The place I’m going is the nation of Africa, so I can see the great plain’s, the different tribes’, the sorts of wildlife, like lion’s, giraffe’s, hippo’s, rhino’s, various bird’s, and whatever other’s on my way, but no bear’s oh my, to see the forest of the Congo, the Sahara desert, and mountains along the way. I don’t speak the language, something of clicks and clacks or so I’ve heard, so one of the first things when I arrive is to acquire an interpreter. So I can communicate with the locals and know if a local tribe may be headhunters’ wanting my head, there’s not much their but I like the one I’ve got. An I will need someone to help me rent a camel, so I can travel across the land. Hello, I have just arrived in Nambia, Africa. I’m starting around the bottom of Africa and then heading up eventually to Egypt. I’m alone nobody else wanted to accompany me on this minor adventure through Africa, but that’s alright less worry’s for me. Well it has been a couple days now and I have been astonished that there are so many Africans’ that speak English, however there are some words I don’t understand, since they speak proper English like they do in Britain, how suprising. Well at least they understand what I’m saying and some locals informed me a lot of Africa does. They also let me know it’s only certain parts and depending on the tribe that I will need an interpreter. I have been in Africa for little over a week now. I’m in Tanzania and heading towards Mt. Kilimanjaro, so far I have traveled through several places’ to get here like Botswana and Zambia. An so far I’m enjoying what Africa has to offer, so much I have never experienced. The surroundings and people change as I travel to different locations. The religion of Christianity and catholic seems to be the most practiced, some locals still prefer their pagan tribal ways of living with the earth, some adopting a modern life others living the way they did a century ago. Hello again, it’s been over a week since I last wrote. I am now in Ethiopia looking for the Ark of the Covenant, supposedly it’s here in a safe house, sure it is would be nice to see it at least once. The food in some parts is very questionable, especially monkey on the menu someone’s catching eboli, various birds, not chickens, crocodiles, various insects’, and God knows what else. I know people have to adapt to their surroundings, but come on there’s a Burger King in the city or even the rice and bean’s being shipped into the country, but it’s their culture so I’m rolling with it. I’m now in Somalia, it’s a crazy place one part tribal and another part city like in America, so many types’ of locals and plus the many foreigners’ that are walking around, It’s like being in a metropolis like Modesto. So far in my travels there is a lot of place’s to be admired and so many more that shouldn’t be traveled too, an even locals stay away from certain neighborhoods. Hoowdy folks, I have now traveled into the Congo, through Kenya which was a lot of fun no details, through Uganda, into Rwanda, and finally into the Congo forest. So far I’m staying around here to see if I could find any mysterious animals or ancient ruins, and definetly any treasures. Till I write again later folks. Howdy folks, I’m writing to you alive from somewhere in Africa near Morocco. I thank the African Gods that I am able to write about my ongoing adventure, since I was almost devoured by a pack of lions. Yes folks, almost eaten by lioness, the females hunt prey for the pack to eat, an so there I was traveling through the Sahara Desert on my camel, with a pack camel behind me carrying supplies for the trip and a guide leading the way to Morocco. When all of a sudden a pack of