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There was a little girl sleeping inside of her small room located in the Atlanta Housing Projects. Suddenly, she woke up smelling something burning, and she got up and saw terrifying flames near her mom’s bedroom. She started screaming and yelling “Mom, Wake Up!” Her mom didn’t move a muscle so she tried to go into the room and save her mother, but it wasn’t easy trying to pick her up. She kept screaming “Mom, Wake Up!” as she pulled away trying to save her and tried to grab the girl, but she pulled away trying to save her mom. The flames started getting worse so the fireman immediately removed the girl from the house. That was the last time that November Jenkins saw her mother.
When November was taken to the hospital she had 3rd degree burns and scars all over her back. All she could think about was her mother and who was going to take care of her. Luckily, there was a councilman and his wife at the hospital they decided to adopt her. They moved November far away from the Atlanta Housing Projects and to the suburbs in North Buckhead, Georgia. November’s life changed completely she had everything she could ever ask for from the electronics, to the clothes, shoes and a big house with a family that loved her. Even though she got everything she wanted she didn’t really have a social life because her haughty parents never let her go anywhere and kept her head in the books. November was now all grown up she was 18 and had a gorgeous, robust body like her mother’s. She was a cheerleader at Northside High School and she was an all “A” student, her parents didn’t allow her to make a “B” in any class. November started to miss her old life, living in the Atlanta Housing Projects. One day she went to go visit her old home and she sat on a bench near the playground and started doing her homework. November was almost done with her homework when a guy came over and sat beside her and said, “Wassup baby?” November smiled and said, “Not You” with a little sass in her voice. He started laughing and asked her, “What was her name?” and she said, “November.” He said “Hi November, I’m Troy” and after they greeted each other it was like love at first sight and there was an instant connection between them. That night, November got home she didn’t tell her parents that she started talking to a boy because she knew that they wouldn’t allow it so she kept it to herself.
November and Troy had been dating had been secretly dating for about two months now and she was crazy in love with him. She could talk to Troy about anything no matter what it was, he was so sweet and caring, and he acted like a gentleman around her. Since they rarely got to see eachother most of the time, November would skip school, cheerleading practices, or abscond her house at night to go spend time with him. One night they were alone at his house and they were kissing and drinking alcohol when Troy’s