A Needed Green Enviroment Essay

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A Needed Green Environment Recycling is very important because there are items that can be reusable to help the planet earth. The planet earth is becoming more polluted than ever and it needs to stop. In the 21st Century, there is a concern about global warming. The public needs to become aware of the consequences of global warming. If there is no solution to fight against global warming and then who is going to stop it. Recycling is needed and people are to help the planet earth become greener. Business in America needs to be concerned about the environment that is being affected due to global warming. In the City of Minneapolis it is required by law that businesses owners are needed to recycle as mentioned in the article. Under the new ordinance, businesses are required to provide regular recycling collection (at least twice a month) for all materials generated on site deemed recyclable in Minneapolis, Minneapolis Requires Businesses to Offer Recycling (p3). Not every business property owner will agree to the new law in Minneapolis due to the cost. Business owners will see that recycling materials is expensive and it takes away their time. United States business owners are needed to participate in recycling programs. Every state in America is needed to pass laws that required business owners to recycle. There are states that passed laws that required business owners to recycle and the results are great not to the state, but the environment. The businesses in American cities can contribute to recycling to help the environment that is been affected on global warming. Recycling solid waste is needed to help the environment. Many states are just pilling the solid waste on landfills and not recycling the solid waste. In the state of Vermont, the legislation has made a law to recycle the solid waste to help stop global warming. “Progressive policy, a growing local food movement, increased citizen engagement and awareness together are creating an unprecedented opportunity for paradigm shift from waste management says Noah Fishman, Composting Legislation Passes in Vermont (p6). There can be conflicting opinions towards mandatory laws of recycling but it is necessary to help the environment. Recycling programs are needed to educate more people and to participate on recycling solid waste. All residential homes, businesses, hotels, and farmers are required by law to participate in recycling more. People need to learn about the benefits of recycling solid waste because it can help with creating soil. The residents would use solid waste as composts and residents will use it to plant their flowers, vegetables, and fruits. If every resident recycles their solid waste, residents will help the air be cleaner Not only residents will have to recycle their solid waste even farmers, restaurants, and grocery stores. When recycling solid waste it will help the environment is cleaner. Also, the climate change is affecting the environment due to the contamination of vehicles. Many companies are trying new ways to prevent the contamination of vehicles. As the climate is changing drastically, to stop global warming is necessary. Many types of equipment must be recycled to respond to the new situation as far as factories begin to produce new equipment responding to new circumstances (Ferreira and Felipe 96). As the statement mentioned above is a strategy to build newer vehicles, less people cannot afford vehicles that are eco-friendly. Sometimes people not want newer vehicles because of their economic status and still