A pebble for every lost memory Essay

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A Pebble For Every Lost Memory

When the time comes we all are left with a pile of memories. He was left with a pile of pebbles; they just sat there gathering dust. Knowing that they meant something he let them, what he didn’t know was what they meant.


Ezra Parkes was not an easy resident. He complained and fussed and never took his medication. I’ll never understand why I got put in charge of him; I annoy easily and can’t keep my temper. The amount of arguments Ezra and I have had over the simplest thing; it’s enough to drive anyone round the bend. As much as we argued we did really get along I was all he had, all his family was gone.


The creek keeps flowing, flowing over rounded pebbles while I just sit there wishing my life away. Finally I pay attention to what’s going on around me. I can hear a multitude of people calling out my name I block that out and am left with natures call. Opening my eyes I stare into the creek, moss covered rocks prod out at intervals making the water lap around them interfering with the calmness. The crystal clear water left an unobstructed view to the bed of pebbles that lay in an array of colours. It fascinated me the way they just lay there undisturbed making there way down the creek, getting stuck along the way. I felt inclined to reach down and choose one. The waters coldness makes goose bumps rise up on my arm. Running my fingers over the pebbles I come to one that has multiple colours swirled together. Picking that one up I slip it into my pocket and walk towards the voices calling out my name.

As I jolt awake my mind drifts back to the dream I just had. Pebbles it was about pebbles just like the ones that I can see sat on my dresser. Wondering why I have pebbles sat on my dresser I get up. It strikes me as odd to have a pile of pebbles just sitting there. There’s a knock at the door and by the time I’ve turned to answer it the young lady that must have been knocking comes bouncing in.
“Good morning Mr.Parkes, how are you on such a fine morning?” she asks. I’ve never met this woman in my life… How does she know my name? Why is she in my room? All of these thoughts rush through my head.
“Who are you?” I ask.
“Mr.Parkes do you not remember who I am? I’m Amanda your nurse; I’ve seen you everyday for a year” she says.
Maybe she knows what the pebbles are I think to myself. I know they’re important, they must be. They wouldn’t be there if they weren’t. “Excuse me Amanda”, I hesitate but continue anyway “do you know why those pebbles are there? I can’t seem to recall why I’ve put them there.” I say “There important pebbles Mr.Parkes, you always said that one day you