Essay about A Perky Way to Productivity: the Security of Employees on Health Coverage

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A Perky Way To Productivity 1. When employees feel secured in knowing they have coverage for their health is one less thing to stress over as Genenetech and Zappos see it. When an employer is receiving good benefits for themselves and their family. Offering flexibility to fit the individual lifestyle reduces stress in knowing they have a workable schedule where they can work the schedule and be fired for tardiness. Making employees happy is one of their biggest goals as well as ensuring longevity in the company. When HRM builds a bridge between the employee and the company, supervisors, and managers; they gain the trust and loyalty of the employees (DeCenzo). By recognizing what the employees will need and not being afraid to change and implement the rules, benefit the organization with the loyalty and dedication from the employees. The turnovers became less and less and the organization became more stable for mainstream and for globalization. Forward thinking HRM help align the organization on multiple levels as Genenetech and Zappos. For example, attracting new recruiters with their outside incentives; free snacks, bonuses, and sending employees home with prepared dinner lunch. Rewarding the employees for their work such as their longevity reflects the company’s value in their employees. Treating their employees with respect reflect how they treat their co-worker and the customers (DeCenzo). Therefore, HRM has succeeded at one of their goals by creating a happy environment for the employees where less stress is experience and positivity has triumphed. 2. The employee benefits motivation tools are used by Genenetech and Zappos by providing the employees flexibility rewards for longevity, lunches/dinner, convenience, and creating a happy environment. Both companies are very successful when it comes to low turnover and maintaining a productive environment. When a company recognizes the value of their employees, the employees has a tenancy to treat customers better by far and beyond to complete the duty at hand successfully. Just like Four Seasons Golden Rule, “and the culture is to treat the employees as you expect them to treat the customer” (DeCenzo). By the companies exemplifying the importance of the individuals by providing them outside benefits it boosts the moral of the employee, more appreciated, strive harder to succeed the goal, more loyal, and longevity at the job. Statistics states that 41% of all employees have no loyalty to their employers (DeCenzo). However, if most companies treat their employers with more respect and provide more perks; fewer turnovers would not be seen. At Genenetech workers are polled weekly for complaints. By doing this the company is being proactive on resolving issues within the company to maintain their commitment to employee happiness and well-being (Heathfield, Susan M.). When a company has effective management one of the key focuses is the employees. The CFO, Tony Hsieh of Zappos highly values the perks for his employees. His objective was to create an environment that influence everyone to be creative, honest, and productive. Creating a company that value happiness will result in a huge remarkable result (Hsieh, Tony). Using the employee benefits and outside benefits to motivate employees will lead to happy employees with few turnover. In addition to, more productivity that will result to the company and department meeting their goals. 3. I do believe the incentive benefits that Genetech and Zappos can be beneficial to other companies by boosting more morale and stronger and lasting loyalty. Creating a company where employees are value creates an atmosphere of appreciation and productivity. Some of the benefits like at work daycare would be very beneficial because…