Essay on A Perspective Through These Lenses

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The reason why I chose to do this topic was merely because the lack of my knowledge on political ideologies. After a while of some research it has become apparent that political ideologies are an important measure to identify and understand and answer who/what/when/why questions. I think the study of ideologies is very important, to know where the cards are or just simply where I and you stand.

It is essentially taking sides. Taking sides can cause conflict and conflict usually does not have good outcomes. Much like religion, it is a belief set by one or some and spread like a disease. A political ideology is very much corrupt the mind and the science itself. So why bother?

Despite my ignorance on the issue before hand, I am very much am pleased to have done research on the topic. Thus believe that I don’t think I like to have any ‘one’ ideology to be on my side, but a collective bunch that I will use. Combining ideas concepts and ideologies to make decisions, making me less vulnerable to criticism4, identify because I’m not part of the stereotype. What does that make me? Some type of atheist that believes in gods teachings but do not believe that god is real?


It is enviable that this essay should start by describing what political ideology is. Most wouldn’t understand why people and philosophers spend such an amount of time in the thoughts. At the surface, the general population would hear the names of the different ideologies, liberalism, Marxism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, conservatism and so on. The consensus of the person whom droned too close to the surface has an idea that is should include of left and right and a line horizontally. Truth is, it is far more sophisticated than one would assume. Is it important? Yes. Is it interesting? Incredibly. This is merely because it is infinite. Much like thought it self, there is no limits to how many miles you can travel. There will always be oxygen to fuel it. Much of political ideology can be used to understand actions and decisions that a politician may portray. The benefit of ideologies goes much further than trying to understand something but also prevent, encourage, disagree, agree, criticise, etc. Since the only real ‘right’ Australians have is the right to vote. Ironic that not as many people are interested in its ‘right’, politics, perhaps there is a need to improve the education.

That being said, not enough people are interested or have been given the opportunity to learn it or expose enough to the topic. As politics is essentially like food and water, without nurturing it you might end up with a small, non-eatable, too sour or being attracted by too many insects because it didn’t grow up healthy and most for certain that the weak struggles more.

That is where this essay’s fundamental intensions, to figure out what anarchism can really do and is it capable of working it in real life. The intensions of this essay would like to portray its view by negotiating cases of views and ideas of decisions that could be understood by ideology. As per the fact that they are all different they do have a similarity. Its core fundamental idea formed it all have sprout out from the idea of a utopia world. There are always the thought that ‘its idea’ is the best and portray such to be utopia, to produce a better society. In spite of its core belief, the sense of utopia to happen is unlikely. All human beings are faced with