A Piece Of Steak Vs Essays

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Gilbert Espinoza
English 12
12 November 2014
There are many similarities between the short story “A Piece of Steak” and “Cinderella
Man”. For example, the first reason is they’re both professional fighters who are in a bad situation money wise. They also have similar personality traits. In “A Piece of Steak”, Its says
“...he had harmed no one. Nor had he ever been known to pick a quarrel. He was a professional, and all the fighting brutishness of him was reserved for his profession appearances. Outside the ring he was slow­going, easy­natured…”. In the movie, James Braddock has pretty much the same personality as Tom King. This is shown when throughout the movie he doesn’t use his violent fighting tactics outside the ring but instead uses his nice personality. Especially in the part when he was playing with his children at around the beginning of the movie.
The relationship between Tom King and his wife is different to James Braddock and his wife. Both relationships are very strong and supportive. It is shown first, in “A Piece of Steak” when only Tom King eats to get energy for the fight and she didn’t eat anything. She sacrificed not only her dinner but their childrens dinner to support him. In Cinderella Man, his wife wasn’t as supportive. It was for a good reason though. The reason was because she didn’t want to see him get hurt. In the movie there is a part where she tells James Braddock to make up some excuse to not go to the deadly fight.