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Pirate or Puritan? Which one are you?
1. I learned that William Bradford left his child behind to venture with his wife to Plymouth.
I learned that he was named governor after John Carver died until William himself died
I learned that his wife fell overboard during the journey and died
2. He did a lot for the colonial Americans; he was responsible for so many people and their wellbeing.
3. Williams’s wife Dorothy fell overboard and drowned while the pilgrim men were out exploring and looking for a place to settle.
Part 2 Well don’t I have a story for you! Today was a very long day, working with hunting! I caught my first dear today! Mother would be so proud. After work we all got news that we had a visitor, we all stood on the shore and watched the massive ship come in. I could tell we were all kind of intimidated by the ship but no one said a word. As the ship came in we heard the captain yell out “AHOY YE MATEYS” I was immediately fascinated by the haste work of the crewmen. The way they got the anchor down was amazing yet frightening. The captain, who noted himself to be captain Logan, came down off the stairs to greet our governor. The captains’ crew followed behind him and entered the town hall for a meeting with our governor. After of hours of waiting and anticipating our governor came out. He asked mother to find places for the captain and his crew to rest for a few days, he also asked another one of our citizens to prepare a feast for our visitors.