A Position That Concerns Me Essay

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There are a couple positions out there that I am concerned about. Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if every ones concerns were taken care of? I do and I think the world would be a lot different for the better and in a way for the worse. A position that concerns me is gun control. I am concerned about this because just in the past year there have been so many civilians killed because someone lost their temper, grabbed a gun and killed them. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School is what made me get really concerned about gun control. Those kids did absolutely nothing wrong, but because a man got mad and owned a gun, a lot of people died that day when they don’t have to. I believe that if America were to put a limit on who can have a gun and who can’t, America would be a little bit safer place to live. In today’s society, anyone can go to the store and buy a gun, where I live you can buy up to three at a time, with a lot of ammo. I don’t understand why anyone would even need to have more than one. There are a lot of people in our world and not all of them have good intentions in life but they are still given the right to buy guns.
In my opinion if the people selling the guns were to do a better job at a background check on the person they are selling the gun to, then a lot less homicides would happen. I also believe that only police men and military should be able to own guns, sometimes I don’t even think that police men should have them because