A Project on Drafting an American Regional Menu Essay

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Due: Week 9 Day 1

This is a comprehensive menu project that includes aspects of menu design, recipe cards development, determining purchasing specifications, and calculating food costs. This correlates with the guidelines of the American Regional Cuisine syllabus. Requirements will reviewed and examples of both recipe cards and purchasing specifications will be provided. Missing or incomplete sections of the project are not acceptable. You don’t have to spend excessive financial resources on this project. Be creative but accurate
American Regional Final Project

Draft an American Regional Menu within the guidelines of American Regional Cuisines. Creatively engineer each menu item on your own. American Regional Cuisine Textbook recipes are not permitted. The menu must feature:

5 appetizers
5 salads
10 Entrees
5 desserts

Project Details:

Project must be presented in a 3-ring binder. No substitutions will be accepted.
It will be the responsibility of each student to have a complete copy of their team project.
Your name must be on the cover outside the binder or on the cover sheet inside.
Must be organized, clean, and easy to read.
All objective facts and statements are to be properly sited per MLA format.
Must contain the ARC Midterm Research Paper
Food inventory list
Create purchasing specifications for each food item on your menu. Produce, Dairy, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry goods and Specialty items.
Production Sheets and a plan of action
Demonstrate Recipe cards for all recipes to yield 2 portions. With cooking techniques clearly stated on the card.
Demonstrate Recipe Costing for all recipes yielding the cost