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ENGL 099 § 170 – Intro to Reading/Composition
TTh 6:40-9:10 p.m., LB 308
Instructor: Amber Durfield
Instructor contact information: adurfield@citruscollege.edu
Office hours: TBA

Welcome to English 099! I look forward to working with you this semester to become a better writer and a better critical reader of college texts. Here is the important information you will need to know about the class:

ENGL 030 or ENGL 040 or ENGL 098 or READ 040 or placement at the ENGL 099 level as defined by the College. An introduction to fundamental techniques of reading and writing including sentence skills, paragraph and essay development, and use of literal and inferential comprehension for critical and analytical thinking, reading and writing at the college level. 90 lecture hours.

Course Student Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to do the following:
1. Write paragraphs with effective topic sentences, employ a variety of sentence constructions and rhetorical techniques, and use appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation in order to write well- structured (with thesis statements and transitions) multi-paragraph essays as demonstrated in written assignments and tests.
2. Critically analyze and evaluate evidence, judge soundness of ideas, predict consequences, formulate conclusions, make generalizations, comprehend elements of topic, outline main ideas and supporting details, predict effects of propaganda and bias, and connect acquired textual information to schema to determine the author’s implied and stated purposes in a text, to develop and organize support for a thesis, and to properly integrate primary sources as demonstrated in essays, summaries, outlines, reactions and oral presentations.
3. Critically read and respond to multi-cultural fiction and non-fiction texts that express and defend opinions and that are sensitive to gender, ethnic, and racial issues in order to develop a position as demonstrated in class discussions and essays.

Accommodations for students with disabilities
If you have a disability documented by a physician or other appropriate professional and wish to discuss academic accommodations, please contact the Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSP&S) Department. Please discuss your accommodations with me during office hours or after class and be sure to allow at least one week to arrange appropriate classroom or testing accommodations. Note: With the appropriate documentation, all class materials can be provided in alternate forms, such as large print, audiotape, Braille, or a computer file. Requests can be made by calling the DSP&S Department at (626) 914-8675.
Required course materials
• Citrus College Eng. 99: Introduction to Reading and Writing with Custom Reader (a custom textbook bundle available only in the campus bookstore)
• The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
• Notebook paper and writing utensil (brought to each class meeting)
• Various supplemental texts as assigned by instructor throughout the semester (these will be found on Blackboard or distributed in class)

Attendance policy & important dates
Please note the below dates. If you plan to drop this class, it is your responsibility to do so. Failure to drop by the dates shown will result in an “F” on your transcript.
• Last day for a refund: March 1
• Last day to drop with no grade: March 2
• Last day to drop with a “W”: April 12

Students are expected to attend class regularly. Excessive absences (5 hours or more) as well as tardiness or leaving class early with no excuse will affect your grade and may result in your being dropped from the course. Students who are absent from the first day of the class may be dropped by the instructor. Students absent two consecutive days in the first two weeks of instruction may be dropped by the instructor. Please make every effort to contact the instructor if you will be absent. It is your responsibility