A Question Of Life Or Death Essay

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Do I think Gary L. Sampson should get the death penalty because he has committed heinous crimes? Yes because he was avid drug user and he was convicted of bank robberies and not to mention he killed three innocent people. People may say that he was stripped of a safe and happy childhood and that may have contributed to the crimes. He was still in a solid state of mind to make that decision to rob that bank, kill those people, and take those drugs. So I think 100% he should get the death penalty he deserves to die he has used violence and he may still continue to use violence so he has to be stopped.

If Gary is sentenced to life in prison he is still around other people and he has clearly shown in the past that he can and will hurt them or kill them. So if Gary receives the death penalty he will no longer be able to rob banks, kill people, and use drugs because he is only hurting himself and that is not healthy. I don’t think that his crimes we a product of his impaired development because he still made those decisions on his own will. If we spare his life it’s like giving him another chance to hurt himself and other people, it’s for his own good that we put an end to this.

We know that he had an unfit childhood but that should not count as an excuse to commit the crimes that he has pending against him. That is just another reason why I think he deserves the death penalty because he does not have a clinical disease that could determine him to be clinically insane so that has no impact in the trial.