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Elaine Nunez central Packet
opinion essay
Project One : The younger family has two hurdles to cross; they are both black and poor which works against them more?
In the raisin and the sun race works against them more than if walter was a white man every aspect of the play would have been different. For instance when walter decided he wanted to go into the liquor business the bank would probably have given him the loan and he wouldn’t have had to go into business with willy harris in turn losing the 6,500 that willy stole. As a black man in those times he was not able to follow his dreams the way he wanted to his life was already set out for him to be a chauffeur or a servant. As for Beneatha not only did she have to go up against being a woman doctor she also had to go up against being a black woman doctor but that didn't stop her from following her dreams and choosing not to give up. Race should not define who we are as people nor our potential we should be defined by our accomplishments.
Race also affects the younger family when they purchase a home in clybourne park, when a man named Mr.linderman comes over and tells the family he is part of the clybourne park neighborhood committee. He starts off by saying wants to talk to them about the safety of the neighborhood. That in other places where people of color have moved into surrounding neighborhoods violence follows. And…