Essay about A Refugee's Journey to Refuge

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• Just a Normal Day (The Known) Page--iii

• Something is wrong (The call) Page--iv-v

• Should I? (The Threshold) Page--vi-vii

• Challenges on the Ship ( Challenges on the Way) Pages viii-ix

• Challenges on Arrival Pages--x

• Something Bad Just Happen (Abyss) Page--xi

• The Decision (Decision) Page--xii

• Flashback Page xiii

Just a Normal Day Jan-22-1935

Hello, my name is Albert Hugo. I am 16 years old. I am in eight grades about to go to high school. I have four members in my family including my self. My four family members is my dad, mom, brother and my self. My dad name is Louis Hugo, my brother name is Franco Hugo and my mom name is Emilie Hugo. I live in Clermont-Ferrand in France. I speak French. I had a hard day at ecole (school). Some enfant (kid) was trying to bully me today at ecole (school). I saw my dad and he was buying fruits. So I said “La mere de salut papa ou (Hi dad where’s mom). He said mama nest a la maison cuisine qudque chose de bon pour le diner (mom is home cooking something good for dinner). I opened m front door to my house and there was maman (mom) cooking crevettes (shrimps). She makes the best crevettes (shrimps) and she makes it once a week. Franco was already at the table to get ready to eat. Franco is 10 years old and he is sixth grade. My dad works hard to make us happy. He come home to 11:30 at night and he leave at launch time to go to work. Something is wrong December-8-1936

I was walking home from ecole (school) with my ami (friend) and we saw a soldat (soldier). I was asking my ami (friend) about his maman (mom) and out of nowhere the soldat (soldier) took my ami (friend) away. Also they told me renter dire Ce qui s’est passé (to go home and say nothing what happened). I was walking home as fast as I can before the soldat (soldier) can take me too. I open the door and I yelled MAMAN (mom) she ask me what happen and I told her a soldat (soldier) by my ecole (school) took my ami (friend) away. Also I saw trios (three) more soldats (soldiers) while walking home from ecole (school). I ask maman (mom) where is dad and she said some guy asked for him. Franco asks me if the soldat (soldier) were big men’s and I said oui (yes). He also asks if they had guns on then and I said pas (no). But I had to lie to him because I didn’t want him to get scared. My maman (mom) turned on the la radio (radio) and they were talking about the soldats (soldiers). They final said the soldats (soldiers) are Nazi soldats (soldiers).

My maman (mom) got every scared when she heard that. T thinks she had a flashback. Also my dad went to take a walk after he heard that. Maman (mom) said we should have a hiding spot and she started to yell at Franco because he said NO!!! You never know what the Nazi soldats (soldiers) going to do say maman (mom). I said don’t listen to these fools. Let’s be brave and stand strong.

Should I? July-22-1938

I woke up from bed and I saw my maman (mom) in my maman (mom) in my bedroom. I ask her pourquoi etes-vous dans ma chambre (why are you in my bedroom). She said something bad happened last night so I am packing your bags. She asks me do you want to go or do you want to stay. You got four weeks to think about your choose said maman (mom). I don’t want to go. She asked me why I don’t want to go and I said why Franco, dad and you can’t come with me. She didn’t answer me back. If I go Je vais vous manques les gars (I will miss you guys). My life would change if I don’t see you guys every day. If I go and die now, what’s going to happen? How will they know if the Nazi soldats (soldier) is going to kill me? I will miss my maman crevettes