A Relationship of Love Essay

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A Relationship of Love

In the novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker lies a relationship between two completely opposite people of the same sex who have a true connection with each other. Of course at first things between them were a little jagged considering Celie was now the wife of the man Shug loved. Celie has been through so much in her life and all the men in her life have treated her awful, told her she was ugly and no one would ever love her. Even when Shug arrived in the story the first thing she told Celie was “You sure is ugly” (p.48). Even though it hurt Celie, she still was obsessed with Shug. From the moment she saw her picture there has been this sense of desire for her.
Although Shug may seem to have a ‘better’ life, she has her share of hardships. “Even the preacher got his mouth on Shug Avery, now she down. He take her condition for his text. He don’t call no name, but he don’t have to. Everybody know who he mean. He talk about a strumpet in short skirts smoking cigarettes , drinking gin. Singing for money and taking other womens mens. Talk about slut, hussy, heifer and street cleaner.” Everybody knows who Shug is and know what she is all about, but after being with Celie she learns how to focus on the sweet, loving, nature side of herself and loving Celie. I would say out of this entire book I would say that this is the perfect example of true love all of the relationships in this novel were awful or hopeless but Shug and Celie stayed together and