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Costco Wholesales is a provider to customers of quality goods and services at the absolute lowest prices possible. Because this company spreads so widely across the world, things might or might not tend to get a little disorganized. For most companies, a mission statement and or goal, is set in place to avoid this disorganization. For Costco, the founders have developed a Code of Ethics for all employees and employers to follow. Their Code of Ethics consists of obeying the law, taking care of members, taking care of employees, respecting suppliers and rewarding shareholders. Rewarding shareholders is one of Costco's biggest goals because it shows their supporters how much they respect them and how much their support really matters to Costco as a whole.

Within the process of Obeying the Law, Costco has promised to obey the law in every community that they are located to do business in. Therefore, they have made a responsibility and devotion to their citizens to respect public officials and their position of authority, comply with safety and security for all products sold, and not to offer, give, ask for, or receive any form of bribe or kickback to or from any individual, or act in any manner that would violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Because Costco's main priority is its members and customers, the Code of Ethics determines that they will "promote fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosure in reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and in other public communications by the Company".1 Costco is not here to break the law or cut down anyone with authority, but rather be here to give a promising relationship to the people that support its well being.

The process of Taking Care of Members involves one step: making sure members know they are the key to the companies success. Therefore, Costco has pledged to make their customers happy, because if they aren't happy, then Costco as a whole will not survive. In order to keep customers satisfied, the company has to understand that every individual will have different demands for different products and services. There are plenty of shopping alternatives for Costco's customers and they have to understand that customer satisfaction is what brings them business. Costco then has to produce top-quality products at the best price possible, as well as top-quality food, provided that both vendors and employees be required to know food safety standards. 100% warranty is also given on all products and services sold as well as a membership fee. Costco is viewed to have a positive environment which enforces happy, satisfied customers completely. Every customer should know they are welcomed to the company like it is a home to them, and they should be provided with products that suit their necessities and sensitivities. Costco Wholesales wants to give back to their members through corporate contributions to United Way and Children's Hospitals. This shows customers that Costco employees and employers are not their to just service them, but to care for them as well.

In order for Costco to express a happy, friendly, and positive environment, the Code of Ethics enforces that Taking Care of Employees is another important factor that needs to be desired. Employees, not just customers, are every companies most important asset. Costco employees are given rewarding challenges as well as opportunities that provide both personal and career growth. Employees at Costco are given competitive wages that follow with great benefits. They are also provided with a safe and healthy environment because work is not overwhelming, but rather fun and challenging. Harassment and or discrimination is not tolerated at any Costco location and therefore, all employees are respected at any given…