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A Review of two Business Professionals from Two Book Chapters
This paper will provide a review of the similarities and differences of two technology professionals Michael Dell, founder and CEO, Dell Computers and Andy Grove, cofounder and former CEO, Intel Corporation. I will write on their major contributions, challenges, common characteristics, disparity in their operations and key factors affecting their success. The information is taken from the book, What the Best CEOS Know: 7 Exceptional Leaders and Their Lessons for Transforming Any Business (Krames, 2003).
Introductions and Major Contributions Their Field
Michael Dell founded Dell Computers and was instrumental in creating a customer direct business model that engaged information to benefit the manufacturing and pricing model. He built a model of business that was one of the top stock choices over time and was entirely designed to focus on the end user or purchaser of the product. The Dell Computer brand has been a mainstay of the industry keeping pace with changes, challenges and economics. Dell embraced the concept of “100% of our sales online” (Krames, 2003 p. 65) and purchases to be done through the internet and online.
Andy Grove started a business to store information and was the pioneer in computer chips from the onset with Intel being formed in the later 1960’s. Throughout his leadership he constantly had to adapt and change while not getting too comfortable in their business model. Andy used past