A Rite Of Passage Is A Ritual That Helps Mark A Person Essay

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A rite of passage is an event that marks a new and significant change in a person’s life. According to our text, a rite of passage is defined as ceremonies held for events such as christenings, puberty rituals, marriages, and funerals (Crapo, 2013). When these ceremonies are held they signify a change in a person’s life such as moving from childhood to adulthood. Nearly all societies recognize and hold ceremonies for these events. The rite of passage I chose to write about is puberty rituals. There are many different ways people celebrate becoming an adult. In the Jewish culture a thirteen year old boy has a Bar Mitzvah, In Spanish cultures a fifteen year has a girl has a quinceanera and in America a you have a sweet sixteen or get your license. A less known puberty ritual is the sunrise dance that is celebrated by the Apache Indian tribe The Sunrise Ceremony celebrates the transition into womanhood and honor this time in a girl’s life as holy. This celebration is a four day ceremony in which a girl passes from childhood to womanhood. Pollen is something holy to the Apache people. It is used as a blessing. On Saturday and Sunday she is showered with the bright yellow powder. All the people in attendance pick up a handful of pollen from a basket and shake it over her head. Each says prayers in their minds. Then her father pours candies and corn kernels over her to protect her from famine. Some other parts of this ritual include the girl dancing on buckskin,