Essay about A Rose for Emily

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Mylai Tenner
“A Rose for Emily” The author William Faulkner, wrote a short story titled “A Rose for Emily,” which took place in the South around 1910. In the story, the main character, Emily Grierson, died decades after killing the man who rejected her. The character, Emily, was creepy.
First off, when she went to buy the rat poison she was acting very strange. “Miss Emily just stared at him, her head tilted back in order to look him eye for eye....” When the druggist asked what she would do with the arsenic, she didn’t respond, but in a way, told him exactly what she was going to do. In the present, it’s very unlikely that the druggist would just give arsenic to anybody without an explanation.
Secondly, after Homer Baron disappeared, she didn’t leave her house for many years. The only way people knew she was still there was because, her slave went in and out of the house with food from the market. She soon started to give painting lessons; I assume because she was running out of money. After that, she shut up the top floor of her house. If this happened in the present, in a really small town, people would definitely notice and police would investigate. People would probably find it creepy that someone just lived in there basement, with the top floor boarded up.
Lastly, she died in her bed in her basement. People came to get her body for her funeral. Her slave let them in and mysteriously disappeared. As they made their way to the basement, they discovered