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The cold case tale of Grierson Love Triangle

Yesterday, the body of Homer baron, 67, late of New York, NY, was found upstairs in suspected killer bedroom Emily Grierson’s, 57, Historical plantation home. Mr. Barron had been around the community off and on for about twenty years in the North, says neighbor Ann Holloway. It was suspension that he had an accident while traveling to Kansas to flee from suspected killer Ms. Grierson., but no one could prove the speculations of the true where about of Mr. Baron. New York State Forensics Anthropologist, Dr. Collin suspects that Mr. Barron was poisoned and consumed an unidentified substance within 48 hours before the death of Homer. Dr. Collin has worked in the science field for more than 10 years and her specialized skills were sure to figure out what happen that night. The mystery to this story had been developing over sometime now and new evidence is released and the story unfolds from an anonymous witnesses.
Just a few miles from the town of Jefferson the community of Hudson, NY tried on numerous occasions to seek a relationship with Ms. Emily after the passing of her father. The story starts to unfold and spread like wildfire to other parts of town, police investigated two middle age teen boys about the events that happened on August 19 the night before the body was found of Mr. Baron. These two boys associated with the Grierson family on numerous occasions, and were very curious about Ms. Emily on this particular night. It was a cold winter night on the streets of New York in 1946, when a loud noise from Ms. Grierson basement catches the attention of the two young boys who visiting a friend who stayed next door to Ms. Grierson. Horrid stories were told about the misguided woman who was portrayed as being cold, intolerable, and bitter. The two boys were on their way home from a night out and heard a big commotion coming from the downstairs basement of Grierson house. The boys noticed a shadow of a statured and tall man. From the look of it they believed it was the unstable Homer. Few minutes later the man that suspected that was Homer walked from out the front door with frantic look. Ms. Emily appeared out the upstairs bedroom window looking like her soul was ripped out and that was the last day that Homer was seen. The story of the 1am big commotion with Ms. Grierson and the young boys next door was the talk around town.
Police collected as much information as they needed to solve this case of the suspected poison victim. A few days after the incident with Homer, Ms. Emily was rarely seen for years by the community and the town had given up hope on the now elderly woman.
Eight days later townsmen decided that it would beneficial to visit Ms. Emily after the suspected story that she was visited from someone. The townsmen have sent letters and numerous invites to discuss prior situations with Ms. Emily pertaining to her father’s money. For the townsmen to see that Emily was blatantly ignoring them, it was confirmation that they should take things into their own hand and pay Emily an unexpected visit. Witnesses say that Emily was very upset with unexpected visit and tossed the men out of the unwarming house