A Rose For Emily Essay

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Jessica Briere
Professor Judith Carey
English II
Inquiry Response
April 2 2013
A Rose For Emily Everyone has different motives for the things that they do, some may be strange but have a deeper meaning behind them. In the short story "A Rose For Emily" by William Faulkner Emily has some very abnormal motives. As Emily's motives are very odd she has a different meaning behind them than what most people think. One of Emily's motives is very abnormal, and is a facade to me. At first they are unclear and you expect the obvious reason on why she killed her husband but when you finish the story you have an epiphany. Emily always had men driven away by her father and when she was finally able to date she was so happy her motive was that she never wanted to be alone which is why she killed her husband. Once she had the chance to find true love she did not want to let it go. Emily also has a very isolated personality and keeps to herself most of the time. After her father's death Emily does not leave her house and only lets her servant Tobe continue to see her. Emily does this because the townspeople already thought oddly of her because she was 30 years old and not married. Even when Emily found Homer Baron and got married the townspeople still distanced themselves from her. Emily was also a very traditional character and only liked to follow things a certain way. One example of that is she gave China painting lessons, which is a very traditional hobby. Emily also