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You Rock Mrs. Cappellini From Gabby

ijoooooooooooooooooooeijjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj- jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhouse just as I’m doing, then the law frees him from all responsibility, In any case, I’m freeing you from being responsible. Don’t feel yourself bound, any more than I will. There has to be absolute freedom for us both. Here, take your ring back. Give me mine.” – pg. 1287-1288
Here, Nora is able to free herself from her marriage and finally escape from the dollhouse that she had been living in all her life. “Responsibility” shows how Nora has felt about her marriage. She has always thought of her marriage as a burden and duty rather than an _expression of love and intimacy. Thus, she does something to get out of her marriage. The words “frees”, “ deserts”, and “don’t feel bound” shows that Nora herself was able to step of the relationship. She now has the power to make herself truly happy.

Mrs. Linde: “I don’t look down on a soul. But it is true; I’m proud – and happy, too – to think it was given to me to make my mother’s last days almost free of care.” – pg. 1247
Mrs. Linde contrasts Nora in that Mrs. Linde is more practical and down-to-earth person. She always thinks beforehand and does not act hastily. Also, she tries to live life with what she has and is content with just that. “Proud” and “happy” shows this because Mrs. Linde does not whine and complain about her life. The word “true” shows Mrs. Linde’s character in that she has been honest and hard working her entire life.
Torvald Helmer: “Is that my little lark twittering out there” – pg. 1240
“Come on, don’t be a sulky squirrel.” – pg. 1241
Torvald calls Nora “lark”, “squirrel”, and other such words that imply an image of a girl. He believes that his role as a husband is to be a caretaker. Thus, he treats Nora like a little doll and tries to teach her various things.
“From now on happiness doesn’t matter; all that matters is saving the bits and pieces, the appearance.” - pg. 1284
Torvald prioritizes the things in his life. He believes that “appearance” comes before “happiness,” meaning that he would give up anything in order to maintain his image and “appearance.” “Bits and pieces” shows how fragmented and empty his marriage with Nora really is. This quote shows Torvald’s true nature and his true feelings toward both Nora and his marriage.
Dr. Rank: pg. 1266 “The thing itself is horrible. But the worst of it is all the other horror before it’s over. There’s only one final examination left; when I’m finished with that, I’ll know aboput when my disintegration will begin. There’s something I want to say. Helmer with his sensitivity has such a sharp distaste for anything ugly. I don’t want him near my sickroom.” pg. 1266 “Bankrupt! Within a month I”ll probablyu be laid cut and rotting in the churchyard.”
We see Dr. Rank’s worried nature through the negative word choice. He worries about others and how his own actions may affect others, as seen in his protection of Torvald in the last sentence. He admits to Torvald’s perfefctionist characteristic and his character clearly shows the fear of the wrath that Torvald may show in the future. He feels as if he is weak and will not last as a man because he will go bankrupt soon.

Krogstad: pg. 1255 (a step closer) “Listen, Mrs. Helmer- you’ve either got a very bad memory, or else no head at all for business. I’d better put you a little more in touch with the facts.”

Here we see Krogstad’s threatening character. He appears powerful and dangerous, as if he were on a mission. He wants his job back, and he will do anything to get it back. He is straight to the point and will tell Nora how it is in the world of business, he scratched her back, and it’s her time to stratch his. He talks down to Nora as if she has no clue how it will work. He will bring her down by telling her secret to her husband, if she doesn’t convince Helmer to