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Evonne Greene
March 19, 2014

From war, to rivers, to Finny’s fall
Summer session’s winter and all,
The Marble steps, the infamous tree
Leper sneaking out of the army,
With Gene and Finny it’s all fun and games
But then comes the war which Finny thinks is lame,
The summer is here and then comes a fall
But in the meantime let’s play some blitzball,
Sixteen is the magic number, next year it all becomes real
But in this careless summer, it wouldn’t hurt to miss a meal,
Finny is good at sports, and Gene has all the brains
Hurry let’s make it to dinner, before it starts to rain,
One little swimming record broke that is all
Umm excuse me Gene you are only 5’81/2 ft. tall,
One little jounce and Finny begins to tumble
Watch out folks, here comes Gene and Cliff ready to rumble,
Gene is feeling guilty, and Finny’s leg is broke
Dr. Stanpole makes it clear that sports are a nope!
Let’s head to the Butt room and have a good smoke
Wait, Leper’s enlisting is this some kind of joke?
The Winter Carnival was a blast and then it got late
They soon got a message that Leper’s escaped!

Gene set’s out for Christmas location
And soon returns to Devon for his own evaluation,
Finny becomes upset and stands to exit
But soon later I am sure that he regrets it,
His leg is re-broken but this time it’s clean
It just goes to show what kind of friend is Gene?
Some marrow escaped and went straight to his heart
How could this loving friendship have fallen apart?