A Silent War Essay

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English 1301
March 24, 2013

A Silent War

There is a silent war amongst us. Apple and Android compete for the title of the best smart phone. The two opponents both have fierce App stores that fight to be the best. Apple has its raging iTunes Store while, Android has its furious Play Store. Apple and Android both battle to see who has the higher speed, quality, and compatibility. Apple’s iPhone is one of the top simplest smartphones on the market today. Apple is known to be the fastest cellular device to fetch network data, meanwhile Android tries to obtain the same speed as Apple. Apple seems to load an internet page within seconds. However, Android is still trying to show the results of the page you have searched. While Android is not by any means slow, the latest Android phone is just a tiny step behind Apple. The processing power of the chip inside an iPhone 5 can open up apps much quicker than any Android phone can. The Processor in a cellular phone is like the brains in a human, it manages what needs to be loaded, running, or opened. With this being said, it gives you an idea of what kind of phone Apple wants to present you with. Many people seem to argue that Android has never been as smooth as an iPhone can be, but with the latest Android phone the processor has made switching through apps and navigating through the phone much smoother than the past Android phones. Nobody wants a phone that takes forever to finally load a page, for this reason the speed in a phone is the most important feature. Benavides, Lyza2

Android produces phones of all different shapes, sizes, and even hardware. Unlike Apple, Android has a variety of models like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and LG which releases every other month. Apple only supports the iOS modeled cellular phones. Apple has a small variety of cell phones like, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the latest iPhone 5. Over the years, Apple has improved in the size, weight, and durability as well. While Android is improving with the latest Samsung phones like Galaxy, Galaxy 2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy 3, and the Galaxy 4. Each phone being made by Android has been improving more and more over the years. For example, if you were to hold the Galaxy2 in one hand and the Galaxy4 in the other you would see a large difference in appearance, weight, size, screen resolution, speed, and the megapixels in the camera. The phone to be more advanced would be the latest Galaxy4 over the Galaxy2. Another feature the companies have tried to improve on is the phones durability. Apple’s iPhone focuses on the fancy features of the phone like the real gorilla glass. The phone people choose from all depends on if they want the latest new and improved phone or the money they choose to save or if they just have a personal