A Slaves view Essay

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Back In the times of slavery in the 19th century African American people were not treated in a humanly way. Instead white people would use them as their personal slaves and mistreat them in so many different ways. In their eyes at that time it didn’t matter that they were also humans like them, but it mattered that they weren’t the same color as them. And so being a slave in the 19th century was a crucial and devastating time. Primary source number one is a detailed description of a slave’s daily life. This autobiography written in 1845 tells the reader that the slaves were only allowed to eat a certain amount of food a week because that was all that they would get. Starting at the beginning of the week and to last them until the end; even though they would work ridiculous hours. The children were given less of everything because they did not work like the older slaves did. Though the slaves worked very hard every day to avoid getting in trouble, they had to end their tortures days sleeping on the floor with only one blanket and that was all for the whole year. Including the cold winter times. In the 19th century it didn’t matter if the slave was a woman, man or child; if they did something to make their slave owners mad they could do whatever they want to them. If that meant whipping them then they could, if they wanted to. In source number three Gordon was an African American slave who was lucky enough to escape from his owner, but unfortunately the image shows a crucial image of his whipped back. Image being treated like that since the day you were born. Back in those times the slave owners had many different type of punishments they would inflict on their slaves for sometimes even unreasonable reasons. For slaves this was what their daily lives were like. In primary source five we are shown a picture of an African American family being sold at an auction. The first thing you ask when you see this image is “how terrible it must feel to not have the choice of whether or not you and your family will stay