The Destiny Of Man Is Controlled By A Transcendental Sword

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In this world, is the destiny of man controlled by some transcendental entity or law, is it like the hand of god hovering above, at least it is true that mankind has no control, even over his own will.

The sky blazed in fire as catapults flung scorched rock and the wretched smell of death fill my nostrils as I tighten my armor and tighten the harness of my helmet waiting in anticipation for the inevitable invasion of the castle.
"CHARGE" a near by commander howled as the raiding party scrambled out of the invasion tower which sauntered over the castles walls as if it was teasing the enemy troops of our presence in their fortified position.
"Guts get moving, we arn't being paid to glare at the enemy" a man near me yells in my ear.
I leap over several men and break out in a dash, unsheath the sword from my back and fling it down on an archer who is staring in horror at his impending demise. One after another the archers on the walls are silenced and by then reinforcements arrive and stand back in awe as if they have seen a demon, standing there is a boy who couldn't have been more than 16, drenched in blood digging out a sword that is almost as long as him out from the neck of a man, the body falls limp on the ground and his head rolls slowly towards their position with a glazed look in his eyes.
"that sword, it's too big too thick and too heavy to be called a sword, it's more like a hunk of iron" a soldier gasps in awe.
"Are you men or are you panzies hurry up and fight me or should I just leave" taunts Guts.
"BASTARD"a few of the soldiers yell and run at the boy in blind fury, one by one they are cut down with ease and the rest retreat. Guts surveys the court yard and spys a hulking figure sporting a double sided battle axe. Several mercenaries run towards the hulking figure and all at once get beheaded with by the huge man. "5 silver coins to anyone who can defeat that man" spouts a man on horseback, "screw that, that is bazuso the man who slay 10 men by himself" says a trembling merc, "make it 3 gold coins and you've got yourself a deal" a man says behind the commander, "fine, I just want that man dead" the commander says with disgust. Guts emerges from the crowd sword in