A Strategist's Learning Style and a Plan for College Essays

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A Strategist's Learning Style and Plan for College
Professor \ A Strategist's Learning Style and Plan for College
Even though it is taking over a decade to accomplish something most people find takes them four years to complete, I find that I am a very motivated person. I have been working on attaining a college degree for over ten years, but I have achieved a level of professional excellence and have strived in my career environment. There are definitive reasons why I am pursing a degree, why I approach this issue in a certain manner and why I do well in my professional choices.
There are two reasons why I am pursing a college degree, for upward mobility in my career and the freedom to choose my next career with confidence. I have reached a point in my career that requires a formal education to move beyond my current position and attaining a degree will remove this barrier. A critical decision point is rapidly approaching and by accomplishing my educational goals I will empower myself to take an appropriate path. This decision will lead me to either retire from the military or continue serving for another ten years. A degree will allow me to make this choice more freely as it opens more opportunity. While I pursue a degree to improve my career, my learning styles are a complementary force to propel me towards completion of this goal.
I use two distinct learning styles, visual and auditory. When I engage a subject for the first time, I employ a visual style. I prefer to approach a topic by visualizing it as a diagram or a method rather than context (Conner, 2004). Once I can picture what I am dealing with and understand the mechanics behind it, I will switch styles. I prefer to problem solve using discourse and text-based research. My understanding of how to address a problem improves as I work thorough it either by listening to other opinions or by putting what I have learned into words. It is fitting that since I use my learning styles in conjunction to analyze and then solve problems, that an assessment would label me as a strategist.
The Gilbert Education and Management Systems Preference Indicator states that I am a goal oriented