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A Streetcar Named Desire Symbolism is often used in literature to give a deeper and more profound meaning to seemingly meaningless things in literature. In Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire, symbolism plays an essential role and is used very frequently in this play. The author uses the light to satirize Blanche’s, one of main characters in the play, inability to face the truth in life. She wants hide her real age from bright light, especially when she in front of her suitor, Mitch. The light in this play symbolizes truth and reality. Throughout the play, Blanche avoids to appearing in direct light, it expresses Blanche is a very fake character who only seems to care about her appearance. Blanche uses illusion that hides in the shadow to maintain her status and to attract Mitch. We can assume that author uses Blanche to metaphorize that some people in society are hiding their true background or character to gain what they want or fulfill their desires. This illusion doesn’t last for long time, when people are getting to know each other more. However, the illusion will work opposite way, when the lies are exposed. The cheaters will lose everything that they do not deserve and pay the price for what they have done, as in the play Blanche has lost her future husband, Mitch, and was raped by Stanley, her sister’s husband. In the play, light is a continuous symbol of truth. However the relationship between Blanche and light is conflictive. Blanche’s reaction to light can be considered as an attempt to hide her true appearance. She can’t face the realty of her losing beauty and youth. From early on the play, readers can find the first time that Blanche’s avoidance to light. When Stella wants to see her at light, Blanche