A Study Of The Impact Which We Media Br Essay

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A study of the impact which we-media brings to the development of Chinese film

1. Chinese film overview
1.1 The definition of the film
1.2 The development of Chinese film
2. The status of Chinese film in the era of we-media
2.1 The definition of we-media
2.2 The characteristics of we-media
2.3 The inevitability of combination between we-media and Chinese film
2.4 The status of Chinese film in the era of we-media
3. The impact which we-media brings to the Chinese film
3.1 Positive effects
3.2 Negative effects

4. Some coping strategies to respond the threat of China’s film by the we-media.


Introduction With the popularity of the Internet development, the Internet community sets off a boom related to we-media, people pay more attention to stereo marketing and the information becomes more diversified. When the information released from the we-media, it will be divided to several sections and spread rapidly. In 2011, due to a massive speculation through we-media, a Chinese film named ‘love is not blind’ reached billions of dollars at the box office only in 4 days after the premiere. Through this, everyone knows the magic of we-media. As a new way to propaganda the films, the audiences have already changed the awareness of the film by we-media.
With the “5W” theory, this paper will try to find the impact which we-media brings to the development of Chinese films. This paper has been divided into four parts. The first section will introduce the relationship between technology and the spread of Chinese film from historical perspective, different historical periods of Chinese films show different development trend, and media in different era also bring different impact on films. The second part will focus on the we-media, states the inevitability of the combination between the we-media and the spread of movies, then analyze the status of Chinese films in the era of we-media, study the audiences requirement and profits model of the movie spreading mainly basis on the video sites and mobile network platform. The third part will analyze the changes from different perspectives like filmmaking, release, film marketing, audiences and so on, which brings from we-media. At the same time, the we-media also brings negative impact to the Chinese films, mainly in the copyright of movies, unstable profit model with we-media. The last section will put forward some coping strategies against the threat of China’s film by the we-media.

1. Chinese film overview
1.1 The definition of the film
For the academic definition of the film, it is considered to be an important art form, a product of science and technology, a powerful media with culture and product property. Film is an industry including filmmaking, release, marketing, showing, and derivatives.
There is a process for the definition of the film in China, “the opinions on accelerating the development of the film industry” which issued by SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television) on January 8, 2004, expressed the film as a form of cultural and entertainment. Film industry plays an important role in cultural industry, based on the high input and output supporting by high-tech (Marcel, 1985).
According to the nature of Chinese film, it could divide to business film, art film, and thematic film. According to the theme, it could divide to romance, swordsmen film, Sci-Fi film, fantasy film and so on. According to the production costs, it could divide to the high cost of film, medium-budget film, and low budget film. Chinese film in this article, refers to a film that produced by Chinese director, participated by Chinese actress, reflect Chinese traditional culture or modern culture and meet Chinese audience demands.
1.2 The development of Chinese film
1.2.1 Tortuous development
Chinese film was born in 1905, at that time, political factors affecting the development of Chinese film, film production in mainland during this period was 33, 2