Essay on A Synopsis of the Movie 12 Angry Men

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The case in 12 Angry Men was a very interesting argument between 12 jurors about the fate of a young boy accused of murdering his father. There were great arguments for both sides but in the end my opinion is complicated. I think that, yes, he may have killed his father, but he is not guilty because there was reasonable doubt in my mind. All of the facts pointed him guilty at first, but none of it was concrete enough to make him guilty. The woman starring across the el train, the old man seeing the boy run down the stairs, and the way the killer stabbed in the chest. All of these facts had a slight doubt of being true, so they had to be discarded as evidence.

First of all the woman who was tossing and turning trying to fall asleep and looks out her window and sees a an killing another man. She automatically thought it was the boy killing his father because she knew that was there apartment and she knew of the boy’s history. Juror number eight disproved this by pointing out that the woman wore glasses, and that usually when you go to bet you take of your glasses. She said that she looked out the window and in a split second saw the murder. Without her glasses she wouldn’t have seen anything, especially across to another building and through a train that was moving relatively fast to see through when moving.

Now about the old man who said he heard someone yell, “I’m going to kill you!” then a body hitting the ground. He rushed to the door and saw the boy running down the stairs. He said it took about 15 seconds to make it from the time he herd the body hit the floor until the boy ran down the stairs. The man was in his room, he was an old man and when he walked he would scrape his foot on the ground, so he didn’t walk to fast. Juror number eight pointed all of this out and then did an experiment. He walked the same distance from the man’s room to the front door while dragging his foot. It took about 40 seconds to make the distance while dragging your foot. So the started thinking he was a lying. Another good point made was that the woman said the murder happened as…