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Batman: The Dark Knight – Comprehension Questions
Andrew Iaconis

1. The hired robbers think it’s a mob bank because the silent alarm was dialled out to a private number instead of 911.

2. The copycats of batman differ from the real Batman because the copycats wear hockey pants.

3. Lau moves the mob money off shore because the US government have no jurisdiction in Hong Kong, and the Chinese would not extradite a citizen.

4. The gangsters will pay $10,00000 for the Joker alive and $50,0000 for the Joker dead. They want him dead so that he doesn’t have to interfere with their business.

5. The Jokers story about his scars to the joker was that his dad got drunk, his mum tried to defend himself. The father grabbed the knife and walked up to him and said, “Why so serious?” His father puts the blade in the Jokers mouth and cuts them. The story is intimidating because it puts fear into the gang members.

6. Bruce’s alibi when he goes to Hong Kong is a tourist. The real reason he is headed there is to take Lau back to the United States.

7. Fox has two mobiles because he had inserted a device into one of them which produces sonar frequencies which allow Batman to see what is inside the building and cut the power supply when he breaks in.

8. This helps Dent arrest the mob because all of their money is in one place.

9. The Joker leaves this message on the dead body of a dressed up Batman. It means that the Joker knows that they are fake Batman’s and is asking the real Batman to stand up for himself.

10. The Joker issues an ultimatum to Batman that unless Batman reveals himself, someone will die every day.

11. Bruce Wayne believes in Harvey Dent even though he has an awful campaign commercial because he can stand up to the criminals in Gotham and that he is going out with Rachel.

12. The Joker is giving out clues so that the authorities get scared of him.

13. Rachel doesn’t have an answer to Dents proposal because she still has feelings for Bruce.

14. The Joker and Bruce both discard the champagne because they are not the types of people that party hard. This shows us that in some ways they are alike.

15. Jokers story to Rachel about his scars is that he cut his lips so that his wife doesn’t feel 16. The Joker has different stories about his scars so that his victims have different senses of fear to what the Joker will do to them.

17. The Joker sees that the Batman is scared and does not want to reveal himself to the public. 18. Alfred is trying to make the point that some people do things not for their own good, but they just want to see the world burn.

19. The detective is angry at Batman of the death of the policemen because she believes that if Batman didn’t exist, the criminals would not be going around killing people to try and intimidates Batman.

20. The commissioner let Batman tamper with the murder scene because he trusts him. It was the right decision because Batman had the correct facilities to find out a fingerprint.

21. Fox replies the Coleman Reece blackmail by putting fear into him by making out that Batman is dangerous, scary and un-merciful.

22. The Joker disrupts the funeral march by shooting at The Mayor. This shows us that the police force is very corrupt in Gotham and there is no sense of security.

23. Barbara blames Batman for the death of her husband because Batman got Gordon involved with finding the Joker.

24. Batman doesn’t choose a higher level to drop the criminal because he doesn’t want to kill him, only scare him so that he tells him what he wants to know. This shows that Batman doesn’t believe in killing people and is very merciful.

25. Dent leaves the life of Thomas Schiff up to a flip of a coin because he knows that the coin id double sided of the same face. He does this to try and scare him so that he talks. 26. Batman has a problem using a coin because it