A tale of two cities- theme of ruthless aristocracy Essay

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In the novel, A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens, Marquis Evrémonde is an
Aristocrat who the reader learns to hate throughout the book. Between hitting and killing a plebeian child with his carriage and showing no remorse afterward and aiding in the abuse and rape of Madame Defarge's sister (hereby referred to as “the sister”), Evremonde is portrayed as truly evil. Throughout the novel, Marquis Evrémonde is used to represent a ruthless aristocracy. In the beginning of the story, the reader is introduced to Dr.Manette, a character who has suffered in prison for nearly twenty years. It is not until later that Dickens reveals the reasons for his imprisonment. Manette had been summoned by the Evrémonde brothers to care for the sister whom they had attacked and her brother who had tried to protect her. They both ended up dying and Dr. Manette was sent on his way. After the Evremondes find him attempting to contact the authorities, they throw him in prison, for eighteen years. As a result,
Dr. Manette lost touch with the only family he had, his daughter, and went mad, his only company being the shoes he made to pass the time. Although he had never done anything wrong, Dr. Manette fell victim to the ruthless aristocracy. Although short, a major part of the story is the scene where Marquis Evrémonde runs over the commoner child with his carriage. After seeing what was done, Evremonde was not at all worried about the father whose child has just died, but