A Tourist's Mini-Guide to Scotland Essay

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Across the great pond of the Atlantic Ocean lies a land in the isles of Britain called Scotland. The country of Scotland has a deep dark history and a rich diverse culture with plenty to offer to a curious tourist. This mountainous country is home to over five million people. From the southern cities of Scotland’s capitol Edinburgh in the east and Glasgow in the west to the highlands in the north, almost every area of Scotland is abundant in history and scenic beauty. The first place for a traveler to visit in Scotland would be Scotland’s capitol of Edinburgh. Authors, Hamilton and company, describe Edinburgh is cosmopolitan and cultured city of about 500,000 people (Hamilton, Humphreys, Logie, Pragnell, Reid, and Ward, 1998, 53). Edinburgh is divided into two parts: the modern New Town and the medieval old town. Edinburgh’s Old Town consists of a plot of land only one mile long and 300 yards wide which housed the Scottish people there for the first 650 years of the cities of Edinburgh and Canongate’s existence. The best places to visit in the capitol are the Edinburgh Castle which houses the Scottish royalty, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and the Royal Mile which connects the two. The New Town consists of mainly entrepreneurial businesses a variety of restaurants and various offices. Together the New and Old Town comprise the most historically rich cities in Scotland. The second place on the map to travel to would be Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. As stated by the Rough Guide Publishers, Glasgow was formerly an industrial giant in the world resting on the bank of the River Clyde (Hamilton et. al., 1998, 173). Glasgow now is known for having some of the most innovative well-funded museums in the British Isles. The main attractions of Glasgow would be the School of Art, City of Architecture and Design Festival, People’s Palace, and the Clyde Valley and coast. All of these places events and attractions come together to provide a wonderful adventure for any tourist. The final location on a proper tour of Scotland would be the Highlands. Far north of the hustle and bustle of the urban south, Scotland’s…