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A vendetta
“What type of pie would you like?” said Neil to his newly wedded wife Zoe.
“I’ll have a rhubarb darling” replied Zoe, then she carefully put the money in the vending machine and her desired choice of pie wold be freshly baked in seconds.
The two of them would sit in the middle of the town centre where there would be sofas in front of the local Debenhams. But this time they had to eat standing up as there was too many people around and all the seats were taken the shops were crowded around with people trying to find the right present for Christmas.
As Neil and Zoe were holding hands and going up the escalator, across the shopping centre a sniper was aiming at Neil’s head ready to take the shot and then to disappear into the crowds. Unaware of the marksman Zoe had lent in for a kiss.
Ambulance/police sirens were everywhere around Uxbridge and Neil got in his Lambo and broke every law that was possible for driving, he knew he probably had got 9 points and that his licence would get striped from him but he didn’t care about anything right now all he wanted to do was be there at Zoe’s last moments of her miserable life. But the contract killer had abducted the only doctor who had enough experience to take a bullet out of a body.
Zoe had a peaceful death as she was put down by the hospital, she had requested to die a peacefully rather that painfully. She had died in the arms of Neil. On that day Neil had vowed that he would kill the killer the person that had ordered the killer and the whole gang. Fortunately Neil had a bit of an advantage as he was a commander of a black ops swat team, and he also had nothing else