A very touching story Essay

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Gold rings sometimes love spices, gold rings need to go through mine production is broken ,

Gold Separation Equipment baptism , refined gold master of playing finely produced . In

fact , the ring , whether or not gold rings , sincere feelings is the most important . Here

to talk about what I see a touching story .

Middle School end of that year , the boy was sent to America to study parents , a full four

years. Before I left , the boy gave the girl a ring . Although , it is just a cheap dollar is only worth 5 rings, but the girls wear it at the

moment feel very holy and happy . The boy said , on February 14 after four years at the school in front of the cherry trees ,

see , be sure to wait for me ! The girl nodded.

Suddenly, four years later . February 14 also went to the school gate cherry trees in full

bloom pink flowers, a gust of wind blowing, the wind will be blowing up the petals .

However , the girl did not want to fulfill that promise , because she lost the ring . That day , she let a friend to go school. After the friend came back and said , there is a man holding a red rose had been standing

under the cherry trees , from morning to evening. Girl's heart a pain, she bite the bullet ,

he just did not go to an appointment . In the second year , the girl still did not go to an appointment . The third year , the girls did not go ...... Fourth year to February 14 , the girl thought , he will not come now , her heart wander in

the streets , unknowingly came to the school , the school in front of the cherry trees , the

girl toward the yearning think the boy was standing there. The boy saw the girl, he laughed, full of joy. Girls at a loss for a long time , hesitantly

walked to the boy.…