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A Walk To Remember
God can work in many ways that people don’t understand. The book, A Walk To
Remember, is an insight into the life and the meaning of love. Landen is faced with a very tough situation. His girlfriend, Jamie, was dying from Leukemia. In the end Landen finds his peace with
God in a way most of us wouldn’t be able to handle. The writing, and expressing of how Landon went through his high school years judging and criticizing Jamie, shows that when he felt the connection between them, it was true. This book shows the true meaning of loving someone with all of your heart. Although both book and movie show the true meaning of loving someone with all your heart, the novel by Nicholas Sparks had many changes added to the movie. Some of the biggest changes were the characters, the christmas play and what really happened to
Unlike the book, the movie changes most of the characters. In the book Landon has an ex-girlfriend that broke up with him for another guy. The book describes how she was the first girl he had ever really liked and shows how he still cares about her. For example the night of the homecoming, which Landon asked Jamie to attended with, Jamie goes into the bathroom and sees Margaret on the floor with vomit all over her and everywhere in the bathroom. Landon still caring about Margaret helps Jamie clean the bathroom and later drives Jamie and Margaret home. As for in the movie, there is no character named Margaret. Instead there is a character named Belinda. Belinda is still in love with Landon, but Landon had broken up with her. Another character change is Landon’s character. Landon’s character is different because in the book he was initially unfocused, but not a bad kid. and in the movie he was aimless, self centered and a rebel until Jamie showed him the way. In the beginning of the movie it shows Landon and his group of friends make another guy group off a high latter into shallow water just so the boy can join Landon’s group of friends. This scene in the movie shows how he is a rebel, but in the book it never happened. The biggest character issue is in the movie is there are characters that weren’t even mentioned in the book. For example the characters Belinda, Dean, Clay
and Mr. Kelly are not even once mentioned in the book. One of the biggest contrast between the book and the movie “A Walk to Remember” are the characters that were not included or added. In addition to the characters, one of the biggest change made was the Christmas play. In the book Jamie calls Landon and asks him to be in the Christmas play because it would mean the world to her dad and the guy playing the part was not right for it. Jamie had made Landon feel kind of bad so he said yes. In the novel, Hegbert wrote a Christmas play that illustrated how he once struggled as a father, but in the movie it was made into a completely different play

because the director and the author thought people who hadn't read the book would question whether Hegbert was a good father. They didn’t want people asking that question because he is a good father and they also didn't want that question to linger. Another change they made to the play included Landon. In the book Landon takes theatre because it thought he could pick up girls and he thought it would be an easy A. Unlike in the movie, the principle makes Landon do the spring play because he was caught drinking on school property. The Christmas play was such a big part in the movie because its when Landon starts feeling something for Jamie. He also learns from Jamie the Christian Value of forgiveness, since she holds no grudges against anyone who had ever treated her badly.
Along with the character and Christmas play changes in the movie, the most commonly irritated is what actually happens to Jamie. Everyone who has read the book or seen the movie knows that Jamie has Leukemia. In the book and movie Jamie doesn’t want anyone to