A wife in todays society Essay

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Greyvy Guevara
ENG 111 D2AS
Mr. Miller
28 May 2014
A Wife in Today’s Modern Society Judy Brady is the writer of a humorous essay called “I Want a Wife.” In her humorous and sarcasm she describes all the stereotype of the perfect wife. In the past years a wife has been known as a women who stays at home, takes care of the housework, the cooking, the baking, the laundry, and teaching the children good discipline with no rights at all. Over the years it seems as if the responsibilities and roles of a wife have grown more. They still have all the responsibilities they had before but as women they have more rights and saying as men do. It’s actually admiring how much work, responsibilities, and important roles a wife is in a marriage. A wife would be a female partner or spouse in a marital relationship. I wouldn’t agree with this definition considering in today’s society we have to give wives more credit for all they do. A wife in the modern society of today is a woman that has to provided and maintain all the needs of the family, marriage and work. The wife’s number one responsibility is her family, caring for them, and to make her home a happy home. She is the motivator, influencer, and the builder of her children and husband. One of my favorite quotes is by Napoleon Bonaparte, “The future destiny of a child is the work of a mother.” It’s at home where the children’s future begins. From the moment you begin to nurse your child and continue to nurture them until adulthood. She makes sure she trains her children into the right men and women of the next generation. Her influence can be so powerful and strong that it affect some of our habits and values in our adult life. The work of a mother and wife is more honorable than any other profession. Marriage is another important factor that a wife need to maintain and care for. As a wife it her responsibility to be the companion, supporter and admirer to her husband. Men find it comforting to come home and find the companion they need. The wife that brings loyalty, trust, respect and love to her husband. She is the one who will listen to his inner thoughts and struggles without judging or criticizing him, but also to support and give him knowledge. As a wife you are responsible to fulfill his needs and please him in the sexual intimacy. In marriage this a big responsibility keeping it a healthy marriage. It’s a need that both