A Wintry Concert Essay

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A Wintry Mix Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert A Wintry Mix has a beginning, middle, and ending because before anything gets in the process in starting the students had to go back and practice before the program starts so that way when the program begins there will be no mistakes and no mess ups. The students had to make sure from the music teacher that they were in the right place where they need to be and in the right order. Yes, everything was in the right order on the program with the principal of the school welcoming everyone for coming out to be a part of the Christmas program to singing the National Anthem, the concert band playing their instruments to the following songs, to the introducing of the new band director, and the new choral director, making a tribute to an old teacher that had recently retired over a number of years being with the school, the wind ensemble preparing their self for the songs they were singing, the singers, the Choraliers, and the combined choirs all song a song together as the program began to come to an end. I would have to say everything in this circumstance in the claim of evaluation because everything was done right and correct in the lineup of the program and there were no programs and no disturbances. Everyone was clapping and singing along with the students because the chorus teacher asked if anyone knew the words to the songs that they were welcome to sing along with students. Yes, because principal of the school spoke and said that she hope everyone enjoyed sharing this evening with them because the students did a good job and they worked really hard to prepare their self that day with entertainment, but things wouldn’t be possible without the help of the NCSD faculty, the staff, and all the families, and they all wanted to show their appreciate, support, and love and they also wanted to wish everyone a great holiday season filled with thanks and giving and they look forward to seeing everyone in the new year. Yes, it does because it gives out a lot of quotes in the program. The only thing that was valid was the date and time of the program, and the number of students that was present and on time the length of time for them to practice before the program starts. Everything