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Take a Break Now or Keep Going?
The choice of a future career is, perhaps one of the most important decisions an individual must make throughout a students life. Laurel Ruesch claims, “more and more U.S. high school graduates are following the British trend of taking a “gap year” between high school and college because of its many practical benefits.” Students take advantage of opportunities to help students explore and discover their needs. Many may already know their future goals and expectations, while other students need the extra time to figure out their major or the college students want to attend. Taking a gap year after graduating from high school is a reasonable alternative for students who are not yet sure about their goals, dreams, and expectations for the future.
Students have been in school for twelve years, and during this time the longest school break they receive is two months during the summer. Students deserve to take a gap year to discover who they are and what they want to be. By the time students graduate high school in the twelfth grade most students are not looking forward to continuing more years in school. The students are tired of the same material and dread going to school. A benefit from a year gap is giving students the chance to explore different career options. Ameriangap.org declares “taking a 1-year break between high school and college allows motivation for and interest in study to be renewed.” This gives students time to think about short term and long-term goals. Some students that do this do not return to school. Scholars can get busy at times and when they do sometimes they stop perusing an education. Some students lose will power to continue further education after a year gap.
Yet, taking a year gap can work as a success if taken with caution. Scholars can desire to gain work experience after high school. Within the gap year, students can make a lot of income to help pay for school. The experience that can be gained at a workplace can help students individually and as a team worker. Working in teams is an integral part in both college and work settings. If students decide to work during their year off, they will learn how important a college degree really is, and once students decide to return to college they will work harder to achieve the ultimate goal of a college degree. A student named Lupita Garcia from Citrus College stated “I went into the work field after high school and I’m satisfied with the income I make.” With that being said, student’s become comfortable with the income they receive and forget about earning a degree. In one year some students can make more money with a good job over their career of choice. With that being said, taking a year off can help students find a purpose to their education and their future career.
No only but also, feeling tired from school then going into the work field are not the only reasons students decide to take a year off school. Taking a year off is also a perfect opportunity to see the world and feel completely free of daily routines, troubles, and