The Importance Of A Yes Vote For Scotland

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Taylor Sangster
“No one, I repeat no one will do a better job of running Scotland than the people who live and work in this country” – Alex Salmond. Yes means independence. A yes vote means a more secure future for our NHS. A yes vote means an immense voice for us, the people of Scotland. A yes vote gives us complete power that we need to build and create many job opportunities for the people of Scotland. A yes vote means wealth. Wealth that will contribute to our pensions. Wealth that will help with not only our generation but the large future. A yes vote for Scotland will mean that we can continue with our free education for our children. A yes vote means less poverty and less people having to local food banks to stay healthy. Scotland is one of the top twenty wealthiest nations in the world which strongly shows we can choose our independence with maximal confidence, let’s vote yes together and take the road to success with both hands. A no vote means less job creating powers. A no vote means you will pay more tax to protect your NHS from Tory privation cuts. A no vote means you’ll still have Tory governments you didn’t vote for.
A yes vote gives Scotland an extremely large voice and allows us to make important decisions for our nation, for our country. We can elect who we believe who understands Scotland the most and who will make the best decisions for us. We can elect a government that we believe loves Scotland as much as we do. We could reverse the uk government’s tax cut for the very wealthiest in society and instead restore the higher level of tax allowance for our pensioners. There will be no change with private pensions and they will remain between them and their pension providers.
A yes vote not only means we will elect who we want to make the decisions for our nation, a yes vote also means free tuition fees. Many small independent countries across Europe- for example Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Sweden, Greece and Slovenia – also provide free or very low cost tuition. In contrast, the regime in England and Wales which sees annual tuition fees of up to £9,000 makes them among them most expensive places to study in the world. Free tuition means a more educated Scotland. Not every family in Scotland can afford to put their children into pain tuition. Nicola Sturgeon, SNP Politician, said herself she would not be near where she is in the world if she did not get free tuition. Therefor with a Yes vote for Scotland, it will be easier to keep our free tuition as we will have full control over our spending alike the present situation which sees annual cuts being imposed by the Westminster Government.
In the last five years Scotland has paid £17.067 billion to service Westminster’s debt. Out of the whole of the UK our public finances are much stronger. The UK government are planning to spend £100 billion on new nuclear weapons in the years ahead. I think we should be spending Scotland’s share of £8 billion on what we should spend it on, as a nation. I think it is extremely important that we choose what we do with our money that is ours, not the rest of the UK. Scotland is one of the wealthiest nations in the whole world yet “one if five children live in poverty in Scotland”. The number of families in Scotland that rely on food banks have went up in double within the last year. the Trussell Trust say 51,647 people accessed the service between April and September this year to pick-up a three-day supply of food. That figure represents an increase of more than 124% on the previous year , with low pay driving the demand for food parcels. The charity - which operates a network of 48 centres in Scotland - say 15,424 children were among those to desperately seek help. Ewan Gurr, the Trussell Trust’s network manager in Scotland, said: “Welfare problems still account for the highest proportion of those using our food banks in Scotland.” Figures suggest 28% of people were referred to a