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Lindsay Zwick April 9, 2012
ENG 1001 Test 1
How do the characters in “A&P” reflect the culture of the 1960’s?
A&P shows how Americans conservatism of 1950’s changed to the more free-spirited ideology of the 1960s. By the girls walking into A&P with just bathing suits on and no shoes, was making s statement saying, “Look at me.” Sammy, the young teenage boy was the store clerk that was wowed by the three teenage girls walking into his place of work. He describes each girl as either being cubby, striking, attractive, short, and or tall. He is surprised that these did not cover up more because in those days it was not common to walk around like that.
When the girls walked in with no shoes it was yet another fashion statement, but goes along with a free thinking spirit of the 1960’s. This is a perfect example of the girl’s disregard for the overly protective nature of life in the 1950s.
Self-representation was a quality that was strong in the 1950’s that had changed to intense self-consciousness. This change in generations would have made the “chunky one” dress herself in a more covered up suit than a two piece in the 1960s. This transition made her live comfortably with the fact that others would have thought better of her wearing more. The new swimsuit is as natural as the overall change in culture itself.
The middle girl is the most traditional of three. She represents a reflection of the sexual desires of the other two girls. The 1960s was when sex was