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Short Report on best pactice policies and processes for managing separation/termination:

First of all I will undertake research to determine features of best practice systems of separation /termination and the legal requirements. After that I will consult with relevant managers prior to the introduction of new changes. Than I will develop policies, procedures and supporting documentation for all forms of separation/termination and will ensure procedures for dismissal or termination respect employees, provide strict confidentiality and comply with legislation.
I will contact with senior management to obtain their support for separation/termination policies and procedures and after that will communicate policies and procedures and
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In the interim, every effort will be made to find a suitable alternative position for you within the College.
72 June 2008
Model Letters and Documents: Managing Redundancy
You are entitled to [number of weeks] notice bringing your effective date of redundancy to [date]. I confirm that with effect from [date], your notice will be taken as garden leave. During this period, you will continue to enjoy all your usual contractual benefits, and every effort will be made to find a suitable alternative position for you within the College. As discussed, you have been placed on the College Job Change Register.
You are entitled to [number of weeks] notice. However, as payment in lieu of notice has been agreed, your redundancy will take effect on [day after date of letter].
If appropriate:
In addition you will be paid for [number of days] accrued annual leave. Or
As you have taken [number of days] in excess of your annual leave entitlement, payment for these will be adjusted in your final pay.
You have the right to appeal against this decision. Please confirm whether or not you wish to appeal by writing to Susanne Byrne, Director of Human Resources within 10 working days from the date of this letter. If you wish to exercise this right, you should outline the basis of your appeal.
As you have completed more than two years service with the College, you are