B. C Julius Caesar Essay

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Joseph Chun The Fall of the Roman Republic

There are many events that led up to the fall of the Roman Republic such as when Julius Caesar was appointed “dictator for life” in 44 B.C. The Battle of Actium that took place at 31 B.C. And the thing that really transitioned the Roman Republic into becoming the Roman empire again was when Octavian (also name Augustus) was granted power from the senate at 27 B.C. All these events ended up transitioning the Roman political system from becoming a Republic into a monarchy once more. At 44 B.C Julius Caesar was appointed dictator for life from the people of Rome. And at that point the Roman Republic could have fell and became the Roman empire. However in the same year at the Ides of March (which is March 15) Julius was assassinated. And the culprits were none other than the jealous senate who thought Julius was getting too much power. And although the public mourned for his death, the death of Julius Caesar actually prolonged the fall of the Roman Republic. After the death of Julius Caesar, the Roman Republic was in havok! The Roman Republic was in a civil war between 3 leaders Cleopatra, Mark Anthony, and Octavian for the role of leader. For years these people were duking it out for the role, and finally the deciding winner was picked at 31 B.C. At the Battle of Actium Octavian was victorious against both Cleopatra, and Mark Anthony for the Roman Republic. And it was there that Octavian was now crowned leader of the Roman Republic. Although Octavian was leader at 31 B.C, it doesn’t mean the Roman Republic became the Roman empire. Since the Senate still held