Essay on becoming a heartland with more heart

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Becoming a Heartland with Heart America is a top rank country most population of immigrants. Around a million immigrants move to America every year to pursue their dreams. The American dream thus becomes an ideal beautiful dream that motivates immigrants to come to the country where dream comes true. In this dream, America turns into the fairy tale full of freedom and opportunities, a land where all gold diggers can find gold, and a place where success won’t be hard any more. Gish Jen, as a newish American, wrote “coming into the country” and states that immigrants face plenty of difficulties to make their freedom in theory turn into freedom in practice. Jen hopes that immigrants can fit into America society, which can make …show more content…
Although Vargas is comparably young at that time, he did what he can to challenge his first biggest problem-language. By the hard work he did, Vargas is accepted by America at least on language, which is still an issue for immigrants who have lived in America for years. Thus increase his possibility to gain freedom in real lives. For all immigrants who have beautiful fantasy of America but finally disoriented, Vargas becomes the representation of pursue freedom in real lives by invention and reinvention of themselves. People cannot change the environment especially when they first come to a new country, but through invention and reinvention of themselves, immigrants can turn into their freedom in real lives. It requires really hard-work to gain their freedom and immigrants need to make an effort to pursue their dreams although they have to face a lot of difficulties. As the freedom of remain culture for example, minorities like native Americans have the freedom to keep their old cultures, and language is the basic requirement for a culture. Jen illustrates how a group of Native Americans pursue their own freedoms by saving their cultures. She describes that, “Later a member of the Pueblo told me that the Cochiti have started a language-immersion program for the younger generation and that it has been a success” (356). Cochiti Pueblo people are considered as Native Americans while now become minorities. Like immigrants, they also have limitations about