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Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management Paper
Vivian Martinez
October 20, 2014
Staci Lowe

Empowerment Approach to Human Services Management Paper
In organizational decision making, many individuals should be involved in order to ensure that everyone involved or touched by organizational activities in one way or another is not affected negatively by the decisions made and arrived at by decision makers. Consulting widely before making a decision enables decision makers in the organization make all-round and informed decisions, and decisions that satisfy anyone who is in any way connected to the organization (Donna, 2012). In an organization, clients are the ones who are served by the organization. The
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Managers are the guide and controllers of the various activities that an organization and these activities should be directed and delegated in accordance or in line with the cultures of the people of a place. This would ensure that the organization supplements and do not undermine the cultural practices of people (Adams, 2013).
Advertisements could be a cause of conflict between the cultures of a people and the organization. Certainly, advertisement is done in order to meet certain goals and objectives. Advertising should be done in line with the cultures of the people. Advertisements done should not undermine the culture of the people. The affairs of the people in terms of their culture are equally important since those who products are advertisements are made to be the target market of the organization’s products and services.
In enhancing equality and as a show of consideration for the socioeconomic backgrounds of customers, the organization would ensure that it prices its products in the most efficient way possible so that both the organization and the customers are not affected negatively by the pricing. The products and services of the organization should be set at a fair price. Overpricing would scare customers and this would lead to reduced sales by the organization as well as denied access to products and services due to a weak socioeconomic ability and