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1. The case study suggests that Buick has a series of regional strategies. They were exporting products for long time that were specially designed with the U.S market trends and needs in mind. This contains selling left hand driving cars in the right hand driving countries like India and Japan where their laws allows to operate such cars. When Chinese market share increased and became world’s largest passenger car market, they changed their market focus towards the needs of Chinese market, which concludes that where Buick lacked in making a true global strategy. 
Buick has either made cars for the U.S. market and
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It is easier to appeal to a market that is not premium once you have already catered to a premium market and have created a brand name for oneself. As such, there might not be many competitors who have the same market capitalization and consumer insights that Buick has developed over the years in China.
In the short-term, you are right; competitors will not be able to replicate Buick’s strategy in China. Buick has momentum. It has history and image on its side. With that, as long as Buick stays in tune with the Chinese customers and produces products that are relevant to them, it should stay ahead. But in the long-term, all we have to do is look at the U.S. market over the past 50 years. At that time, one would never have seriously considered that the U.S. market today would look like it does. Import brands from Europe and Asia compete very strongly with the U.S. Big Three. And, the Big Three have suffered tremendous loss of market share and profits.

5. As per Buick’s Product adaptation strategy, they’ve successfully used Shanghai GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) to revamp their LaCrosses in such a way that most Shanghai buyers gave in once the model was launched. Currently, they have understood the importance of using PATAC’s designs into modeling newer vehicles for the respective US and China markets and they’ve recognized that their market is bigger than just North America. This has actually