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Aussie Bum is an Australian business that was established in 2001. The company initially manufactured men’s underwear, though has recently broadened its product range to include leisurewear, swimwear and sportswear. The present director of AussieBum Sean Ashby “believed he could make more traditional bathers”. Despite the criticism off retailers and department stores Ashby proceeded with his idea and was determined to try his exclusive approach. AussieBum is now a global success earning over $10 million a year, with 150 different products available.
AussieBum has been significantly impacted by globalisation. Globalisation is the “process by which traditional barriers between countries are removed. These barriers include language,
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This impacts the operations function of a business as it changes the materials they will be manufacturing with and the technology they will use to manufacture the products. Through globalisation the expansion of AussieBum internationally has provided many people overseas employment.
Corporate Social Responsibility:
Corporate social responsibility is “the term used to describe the way a business takes into account the financial, environmental and social impacts of decisions and actions they are involved in.”( Corporate social responsibility is about being morally right, operating in an ethical manner and acting in a socially acceptable way. Corporate social responsibility can impact a business operations management in numerous ways. For example, employees may be more productive if they are being treated in an ethical manner by getting paid what they are entitled to, having clean and safe working conditions and having breaks when they have worked a certain number of hours. Corporate social responsibility can also impact a business’s operations function as it can increase or decrease the volume of products they need to make. If a business is displayed on the news as being unethical, unmoral and socially unacceptable they may lose sales and gain a bad reputation which will ultimately decrease the volume of products operations will need to manufacture and vice versa. Corporate social responsibility is important to operations as ensures the