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The Horse and His Boy: C.S. Lewis The main topics that will be mentioned are: summary of the novel, C.S. Lewis’ ideas, themes, why he wrote it and what critics have to say about his book.
This book I read is the third book in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series called “The Horse and His Boy”. This book is fantasy fiction with adventure; excitement and suspenseful if you allow your mind go wild with imagination. The story takes place in a land of Calormen and the land of Narnia, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy are High Kings and Queens at the time. It’s about a boy that runs away from his life of slavery and his adventure to come. His name is Shasta His whole life he was a Calormene slave to a man named Arsheesh, whom he called his dad. Shasta flees from be a slave when he overhears his own dad is plotting to sell him to a slave trader. In order to escape Shasta needs a horse, so he goes to the stable where the slave trader's horse is tied up. Since he is being sold to him he decided to steal his horse. He discovers that this horse in no ordinary horse, but rather a talking horse named Bree. They become friends after much shock from Shasta. They made a plan and they waited until the men went to bed, and then they made their escape. As they were traveling, they were being chased by a lion, which I think was Aslan. As they were running from the “lion”, they ran into another horse and rider, who they later find out to be a young girl named Aravis, who is also running away, and her talking horse, Hwin. She was running away because she was betrothed, to a rich, old fat, man whom she did not love. She didn’t want to be forced to love someone. So the four companions decide to go together and continue their journey together. They travel for a while and then they come upon a city of Tashbaan. As they venture through the city, Shasta is mistaken for a runaway prince named Corin. The men take him and he is startled awake by the real Corin Prince of Archenland. The two talk for a little bit, before Shasta leaves for the rendezvous with Bree and the others. Finding no one at the meeting place, Tombs of the Ancient Kings, he lays down to sleep. He is frightened by a cat that touches him. The cat appears to be noble and strong and he feels safe next to him. It lays down at Shasta's back as he sleeps. Later, the cat even seems to take on the form of a Lion to frighten away some jackals which lingered too near Shasta. The following day, Shasta waits for Bree, Hwin, and Aravis. As the sun is setting, he spots an approaching slave with two horses. They are Bree and Hwin. The young noble girl tells Shasta that she was recognized by one of her good friends Lasaraleen. She doesn’t understand why Aravis ran away from being married to such a wealthy man like the Grand Vizier. But she grants her wishes and keeps her secret, Lasaraleen takes her to a secret water door leading out to the river. While trying to escape she hears Rabadash and the Grand Vizier, enters the room and seats himself. Rabadash is irritated that Susan has escaped and wants his father to declare war on Narnia. Susan was suppose to marry Rabadash and that is why he wants to declare war. After a swim and hearing all of what is going to happen in the next few days she finally meets up with Shasta at the Tombs of Ancient Kings. They meet a hermit along the way and he points them in the right direction during their trip Aravis is hurt by a lion and the Hermit tends to her wounds while Shasta runs to Anvard and hears a horn blasting. Before he knew where it was coming from, he ran into a glade and the presence of several men with horses. The merriest of the men greets Shasta, calling him Corin yet again, and asks why he is on foot and in rags. Shasta corrects the King by giving the King greetings in Corin's name. He then tells the King of Rabadash's plot to take Anvard. Shasta is given a spare horse and they ride for Anvard. The news of what the two evil men are doing is…