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1) What are the key success factors (KSFs) in the male shaving market? How are they different from the female shaving market?

Key success factors for male and female shavers are based on constant superior product innovation, marketing and brand building, product quality and establishing long-term relationships with customers, retailers and suppliers. In particular research and development have been represented for Philips the two key success factors to growth. Indeed, Phillips’s sales increased when the new rotating round head was introduced, and again with the introduction on the two-headed model, called “Egg, the Philishave 3, and introducing the CoolSkin with Nivea moisturizer. Also marketing represents, a critical key success factor:
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This means more support to the retail trade and drastic products improvement which allow sales increase, involving in this way the increase of Philips worldwide share of dry shaving.
3) How will you characterize and explain the cross-national advertising "rowing boat" campaign?
The rowing boat campaign can be considered as a metaphor which allows to the final customer to understand the innovative philosophy adopted by Philips . During the past years, through a lot of efforts in research and development, Philips has improved its product line by marketing and selling firstly the shaver with the one round head; secondly Philips, introduced the "Egg" a model with two shaving heads as a consequence of the main problem of the single headed shaver, due to the fact that it took too long because of the shaver's relatively small surface area. Afterwards, in addition to the standard electric shave, a new exclusive model called "Philips shave 3" made its entry.
The metaphor of the "rowing boat campaign" explains the evolution of Philips rotary shaver: as well as in rowing, through the teamwork every rows is stronger and allow the team to reach the goal more efficiently and as soon as possible, in the same way Philips "3" it's designed with three shaving rings in each of the three shaving heads, to shave more with every stroke.
In addition, the rowing boast campaign has a subliminal