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Final Project: Interview with a Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Lauren Robinson
Foundations of Clinical Mental Health
Lamar University

Final Project: Interview with a Clinical Mental Health Counselor

The purpose of this paper was for me to introduce myself to a day in the life of a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Throughout my paper I will generate ideas to that prove I have an understanding of the field and the material. I will show that I understand the field in which I am studying and the issues that come along with occupation as a Mental Health Counselor. I will also apply and integrate source material and there be evidence in this paper that I can develop and organize my ideas in the form of notion and
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During all sessions must document everything for patients file. She attends meetings with other health care professionals involved in the care of the service user and assisting in administering and monitoring medication. She has ten clients she deals with on a daily basis and has a minimum of one individual counseling session per week. She is actively involved with case management for her clients which includes aiding her patients with housing, insurance, medicine, mental health, and jobs.

Some of the challenges for her as a counselor are management of medicine for the client, her clients staying in compliance, having her clients staying clean from drugs, and changes in policies. She stated to me, “The job is not easy, at times it can be quite frustrating and demanding, and having a sense of humor is a real bonus. You never know what each day will bring. It is also difficult dealing with people who have had traumatic experiences in their lives. Yet it is extremely rewarding, helping someone who has experienced mental health problems become more able to cope and regain their independence.” R. Solomon (personal communication, September 3rd, 2014)

The benefit of her position as a counselor is the feeling of reward when she saw a client actually maintaining their mental health and not starting back drugs. Being able to provide your clients that front-line support and gaining their trust. You are able to form